March 11, 2011

Dont Worry, Be Happy

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In my previous post, I discussed how teenagers were letting their desire to find a sense of belonging harmfully affect their self worth and personal identity. The issue of balancing a sense of belonging and personal identity only became harder for teens when Facebook was invented.

Facebook has made itself available to age groups that are way too young to handle the potential consequences and inevitable stress. Unfortunately, we cannot deny teenagers access to Facebook, but we need to help them find other ways to stay occupied and happy. We have to encourage young people to find other ways of boosting self-confidence. They should be inspired to find an area or activity at which they shine, whether it is an academic subject, a sport, dance, or another hobby. Teens need to be associating these hobbies and sports with a sense of belonging instead of social groups.

Two teammates having fun and finding happiness in sports and teamwork. Not Facebook!

Most importantly, teens should be shown that their personal identity comes from the way they treat other people, their accomplishments, the love they receive from their family and friends, or their religion. Over the years I have decided that currently my personal identity is that I am a devoted student, a loving daughter and sister, a loyal girlfriend, and a reliable friend. My personal identity was not formulated by the way others saw me or by how someone would judge me based off of my Facebook profile. It was formulated by how I felt I treated others, specifically the people who care about me the most and whose opinions really matter to me.

Overall, I believe that the access to constant communication with others has made us forget that we do not always have to depend on others to make us happy. Constantly being in touch with peers has made us reliant upon their company for satisfaction. People need to be reminded that at the end of the day, they are the sole controllers of their happiness.

I believe that if these ideals are instilled into the minds of teenagers then they will rely less on Facebook and their social lives for happiness. Teenagers have their morals and priorities confused these days. If they are taught to appreciate the small blessings of their every day lives and the true meaning of self worth, then they can find true happiness.

By Devina Mehta

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