March 6, 2011

WikiLeaks Has Our Backs

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By: Jon Ahrens

The crime and horrible events that the government does everyday has gone untold for centuries.  WikiLeaks, an internet organization dedicated to revealing the truth behind many government cover-ups, has finally put this to a stop.  Yet many people these days are putting down WikiLeaks and saying what they have released is a possible harm to our society.

One of the most controversial videos Wikileaks has released called collateral murder, shows an Apache helicopter killing around 20 innocent people. (,_5_Apr_2010).  These 20 innocent people were a news casting team and were cruelly shot down as if they did something wrong.  Without WikiLeaks these horrible people would never be revealed yet covered up by the government.  By letting us know these horrible events that take place, it gives us a chance to really see what is happening behind the scene.  Revealing such horrible events, although traumatic allows the true colors of the United States government to shine.  We would never see these true colors because lets admit, not everyone hangs out with a government official.

The general public has no idea what actually goes on in our government each and everyday.  We elect these people to represent us and trust that they will do so in a way that we approve.  WikiLeaks insures that we are being represented in a way that we agree with and if we are not ,WikiLeaks lets us know.  The government is took our right away of knowing what is happening in our country.  We deserve to know if our government is being dishonest or are acting untrustworthy.  WikiLeaks is simply giving us back our right to know what is going on in our government.  The people of WikiLeaks should be praised not scolded.

The more people we have watching our governments every move, the better our government will be.  With WikiLeaks revealing every wrong-doing they do, the government will likely start to act better because people will not put up with being represented wrongly.  Also when our government security is hacked into, it allows the government to see that there security needs to be bettered as well.  If any normal guys can do it with there computers at home, who else can do it that may cause real harm?

I feel the worst part of what our government is doing is making decisions on what is or is not right for us.  I know this is why there elected, but some are obviously choosing wrong.  It always seems like our government is only telling us parts of the story.  They leave out the parts where they look bad and tell us the parts that make them look good.  WikiLeaks fills that story though, showing us the good and the bad.  Who can we trust if we cannot trust our own government? It seems that instead of being trustworthy they push things behind the scenes.

WikiLeaks also released something called The Iraq War Diaries, and The Afghan War Logs.  These releases give us incite to over 390,000 reports from the War in Iraq.  Thousands of troops give their lives for us in war and yet we never have any idea what is going on in Iraq.  We hear things that have been passed from reporter to reporter that is watered down information.  We need and deserve to know the facts that the government know.  WikiLeaks provides this for us, whether good or bad this gives us the chance to take in the fact that War is a real thing.


  1. I agree on the part that the government should be more open with what really is going on behind those closed doors, as well as with the point that the government should be answerable to the people. My main disagreement with this article is what good can really come from posting horrible things like that? Sure it puts it out in the open, but it just makes the viewers despise the people of the government. I don’t really see what good that would do or how that would fix anything.

    Also, how can we be sure that by using and watching WikiLeaks, and thereby watching the government, that it would change their attitude or their actions? It seems more like they would just figure out who was posting their secrets and shut them down.
    ~Matt Evans

    Comment by publicandprivatespace — March 9, 2011 @ 10:32 am | Reply

  2. -Zack Deidesheimer

    If I asked myself what kind things the government did everyday, I don’t think I would want to know the answer. Your example about the Apache helicopter is probably just a microcosm of the things the government gets away with all the time. As much as I hate the fact that we can’t trust our government, I don’t think everything they do should be out in the open. If people knew everyting they did, it would cause people to hate the government, which is bad for the country. This is also unrealistic because the government will always have the resources to get away with whatever they want. Some things will never change, and our government’s behavior is one of those things so people just have to deal with it.

    Comment by publicandprivatespace — March 9, 2011 @ 10:47 am | Reply

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